Many PGA and Champions Tour players have become more vocal about the benefits they are seeing from using CBD. Since the component was removed from the banned substance list in the USA in 2018, players such as Scott McCarron, Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson, and Lucas Glover have all discussed the benefits they have reaped since discovering CBD. Whilst the players are brilliant golfers in their own right, they have also touted the health benefits of CBD as a safe, non-pharmaceutical intervention for performance enhancement.

Here are our top 5 reasons as to why CBD can keep you on your golfing A game.

1. You are able to play more

Due to the relationship our bodies endocannabinoid system has with CBD and the healing role that cannabinoids play, CBD can help our bodies recover quicker. This allows golfers to play round after round. Whether you are just sore from the day before or fighting off stiffness that can come with ageing, CBD can help restore your body to ensure you will be playing as many rounds as you would like.

2. The calming effect

Golf can be a stressful game. CBD can help calm your body and keep your mind consistent when you are having to deal with the ups-and-downs that come with playing golf at both amateur and professional levels.

CBD has calming qualities. So, whether it is those first -tee jitters or the stage fright nerves of hitting in front of other people and, regardless of whether you are playing in a club championship or just a round with friends, taking CBD before a game can really help settle those nerves.

3. Travel balance

Amateur and professional golfers alike travel far and wide to play the game they love. However, a body on the move can typically lead to an unbalanced body. CBD can help bring homeostasis into your system and re-balance your body to ensure it is sufficiently recovered from travel and in top shape for your next game!

4. Relieving injuries

One of the most common uses for CBD is in aiding the suppression of inflammation in the body. Joint and back pains, Rotator Cuff, wrist, hand, and neck injuries are all common golfing afflictions.

Aches and pains can be an unfortunate part of life. It is unlikely that we will ever feel 100% for every game. However, CBD can help combat those aches and pains that might have otherwise kept you from picking up your golf club.

5. More focused energy

Every golfer knows that groggy feeling on the first few holes that may have come with an early tee time. CBD can make you more alert, less distracted, thus sharpening your mind and your game. The misconception that CBD makes you sleepy could not be further from the truth. While CBD may relax you, it can also increase concentration and focus all of your energy on your game.


CBD is sold as a food supplement, and as a result, It’s illegal to claim it treats, prevents, or helps cure an illness or disease. No health claims have been made in this article.