CBII CBD is a range of premium quality, legally sourced full spectrum CBD products you can trust. Meticulously crafted to help you restore balance and find your natural rhythm.

Since its legalisation in the UK in 2017, CBD has undergone a renaissance as a whole new generation have discovered its uses CBII (pronounced CB2) are passionate about this exciting 2.0 movement, helping to reintroduce CBD as an important addition to modern lifestyles and provide education and high-quality products you can trust in an industry that’s been clouded by confusion.

There are many things that make CBII unique. The result of controlled agricultural and cultivation methods (GACP), meticulous manufacturing practices and extensive scientific testing, CBII sets high standards to ensure you can feel at ease choosing any of our products. Read more about their quality guarantee.

Best Bits

  • Extraction process is 100% natural
  • Full spectrum CBD. This means it contains all the components found naturally in the Cannabis sativa L. plant, including terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids. The ethanol extraction process we use allows us to keep all of these components intact so our product is closer to nature.
  • Every batch receives a Certificate of Analysis and is third party tested to verify its CBD content.
  • Extra strength but lower strengths also available
  • Recyclable packaging and materials (more details below)

Our Review of CBII CBD

We are a big fans of CBII CBD. Not only did we think the quality of their full spectrum CBD was excellent (we thought it was very clean and the flavours were spot on) we have to talk about their sustainability. It is very rare to find a brand that place such an emphasis on ethically sourced CBD and using recycled and recyclable packaging and materials with all of their products.

CBII CBD have made a huge effort to ensure their brand is fully sustainable and it is incredible refreshing and unfortunately a lot rarer than it should be in this day and age!

Other top takings in our eyes that you don’t see everywhere are:

  • They recycle their plant waste
  • 100% recyclable Hemp packaging
  • 100% recyclable glass CBD vials
  • 100% recyclable glass capsule bottles

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