About IMPACT Sports UK

Meet IMPACT SPORTS UK, the latest power brand for CBD and sports enthusiasts. A brand partnership venture powered by CiiTECH and rugby players James Haskell and Ben Franks.

IMPACT combines CiiTECH knowledge in Cannabis research and consumer products with the passion of top professional sportsmen who truly believe, from personal experience, that CBD works for them. They have built a team of sports enthusiasts from top professional sportsmen, to fitness newbies from all walks of sport who truly believe, from personal experience, that CBD works for them.

From CBD products to fitness advice, nutritional guidance, training tips and a clothing line to fit, we’re out to create a huge IMPACT on the world of wellness, sports & fitness. Amateur and professional.

Best Bits:

  • CBD Isolate Topicals (this is relatively rare) to understand the different types of CBD click here
  • Full spectrum CBD oil tinctures
  • Products specifically designed for sportsmen and women
  • High strength (32mg of CBD per capsule)

CBD Guide UK’s review of IMPACT Sports UK CBD

IMPACT’s CBD products have been created by sportsmen for sportsmen and women, that is pretty clear. You can see that they have thought long and hard about what people need. A lot of this has come from personal experience, which is exactly what you want as a consumer. You won’t find any gimmicky products from this brand behind professional Rugby players James Haskell and Ben Franks. They are here to shout about CBD and so they should, their products are carefully thought out, from high strength gummies and oils to a heated CBD arnica balm. Their branding is clear and informative and we love that most of the products were all made in the UK too. We look forward to what else they have to offer and what will come next from these guys. Very exciting!

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