There are numerous easy ways to introduce CBD into your daily life. From consuming it orally via oils, drinks, gummies or edibles to using topicals that target certain areas when absorbed into the skin. Each method exists to satisfy the particular needs of the individual consumer, not every intake method will be ideal for everyone, it is important to listen to your body. In this article, we will cover, in our minds, the top 4 best to take CBD.

The four different routes of administering CBD below don’t just change how you ingest cannabinoids, but also how it travels through one’s body. However, you are definitely not limited to a single way of taking CBD. Experiment and combine different methods to alter how long the effects of CBD last, how quickly they take effect and how they affect you personally.


Orally administering CBD is one of the most simple and discreet ways of taking CBD. Taking oral CBD is a very effective and efficient way to dose the cannabinoid. Swallowing several drops of CBD oil serves as the easiest and most streamlined way to consume the molecules into the bloodstream. Placing CBD oil under one’s tongue is called sublingual administration. This type of method offers a fast and effective hit of cannabidiol. The CBD molecules then pass through the thin layers of tissue under the tongue and immediately diffuse the CBD oil through these capillaries, the bloodstream, and cells.

Because the oral sublingual method of administration bypasses the body’s digestive system, it does not take long to start feeling the effects. One can also add CBD oil to drinks and food in order to mask the sometimes earthy taste of CBD. Oral CBD can come in either oil or CBD spray.

CBD Gummies

Gummies are again a very easy way of taking CBD. They are also a very popular option for those who do not like the natural woody taste of CBD. What is the recommended daily dose of CBD gummies people should take? Usually, it is between 1-5 gummies a day depending on the potency of gummies. Our favourite flavours include blueberry and mint!

CBD Drinks and Food

There are numerous food and brands out there selling everything from CBD brownies, energy bars, to infused soft and alcoholic drinks. However, there is much more research needed as the production process of these items may reduce potency and the natural qualities of CBD. Whilst many may also include other Botanicals and natural ingredients, where possible in our opinion, always go for the most natural form of CBD.

Topical CBD

The difference with Topical CBD is that it does not reach the bloodstream. Instead, the CBD interacts with receptors within the skin. Topical formulas contain a range of molecules that help to maintain skin health and to help keep visible ageing at bay. Topical CBD is also great for targeting areas of pain or aches which makes it a great option for aiding symptoms of arthritis.

The great thing about CBD is that there are lots of different options and something for everyone. Everybody is different and our bodies react individually. The most important thing is to watch how your body reacts to the different forms and see what works for you.